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Driver Awareness is a 3 hour class designed specifically to introduce early teens to the driving task. Since most students at this critical age have little to no experience behind the wheel of an automobile, emphasis is placed on the development of the necessary skills required to drive a car as well as nurturing risk-free behaviors. The development of positive driving skills is the foundation for becoming a safe driver.

The goal of L.E.A.D.E.R., through this program, is to prepare these young people for the enormous responsibility that they will be given within the coming years of their life and to engrain in them an understanding of their position in the highway transportation system.

Topics Covered and Driving Simulator Activities


  • Discuss what is required by law to get your permit and then your driver's license. Discuss the new changes with Joshua' Law.
  • Basic Vehicle Control – introduction to vehicle controls, gauges, including steering, braking, accelerating and the effects of natural laws on them.
  • Signs, Signals, and Roadway Markings – Students learn the distinguishing characteristics and categories of highway controls.
  • Different Driving Environments – Discussions of rural, urban, expressway driving.
  • Driving In Adverse Conditions
  • Handling Emergencies – Basic vehicle maintenance and proper care. Outline of proper steps to handle numerous vehicle emergencies (flat tire, out of gas, vehicle malfunction, collisions, etc.)


  • Getting Started – Students are taught basic simulator functions.
  • Intermediate Training – Students are required to perform several basic driving maneuvers in a specific, safe manner to successfully complete each task. Failure to operate the simulator as required results in failure of the exercise and the student is forced to repeat the task again.
  • Advanced Training – "Adverse Weather Situations" and "Risky Situations" simulates conditions of driving in rain, fog, ice, snow, high traffic volume, unsafe speed, etc. Similar to Intermediate Training, students are required to "safely" perform each function or else repeat.

The student will progress at his own speed on the simulator. The more the student is able to develop the correct pattern the farther he will get in the lessons.