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As LEADER is not supported financially by any government funding, the ability to attract and retain sponsorships and contributions is a key activity of the organization. Fund raising come in many forms from special events, to individual contributors, to corporate contributors. Please join our list of contributors that have helped save the life of a young driver.

As a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization, and contributions are fully tax deductible. All contributions will be fully supported with appropriate tax documentation. All support is appreciated but we encourage you to become a Platinum, Gold, Silver of Bronze contributor. One of the most popular forms of corporate contribution is the $12,000 level which sponsors a simulator identified with the donating entity for use in that portion of the LEADER driver education curriculum.

Other LEADER Sponsorship Levels:

  • Platinum - $10,000
  • Gold - $5,000
  • Silver - $2,500
  • Bronze - $1,000
  • Friend Of LEADER - $250 - $999

Lanier Rotary Club

Almost twenty years ago the Lanier Forsyth Rotary Club held discussions regarding the tragedy about children dying and suffering severe injuries on our roads. It was decided by a group of Rotarians that we should intervene to reduce this tragedy. Automobile accidents being the primary cause of death and disability for young people aged six through 26.  The Rotary felt that we could develop a program in our community and provide an example for others to follow.  Dr. Michael Hogan along with several community volunteers developed the LEADER Program.

The Lanier Forsyth Rotary club is our primary sponsor, each year they hold a major fundraising program and continue to support its expansion and improvement.  Without the Lanier Rotary Club, the LEADER Program would never have been founded and the benefit to the children of this county could not have occurred. Due to their continued support LEADER has been able to upgrade and improve our equipment on an annual basis to ensure that we have a state-of-the-art education that meets all Georgia laws and continues to supplement the requirements for safe driving for our young people.

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State Farm Insurance

LEADER has developed a partnership with State Farm Insurance to enhance the Forsyth School System Program and the Strike One Program.  By completing the Forsyth classroom drivers education class and LEADER's simulator training, the parents parents can recieve up to a 40% discount on their State Farm Insurance.  Details of this are listed on the Forsyth County School website.  A representitive from State Farm comes to our Strike One Class to discuss the impact of insurance and the possible results of an accident's impact on their lives.  We feel this has enriched our program and more imporantly, the students learn the results on their actions.

FNFBPThe Forsyth Network for Business Professionals has made a yearly donation to LEADER. With their donation it has been possible for LEADER to provide additional improvements to our Program. LEADER thanks them for being able to provide this additional assistant.


Brittany Schmeelk Foundation Annual Shamrock Classic

Brittany Schmeelk Foundation Annual Shamrock Classic

The Brittany Schmeelk Foundation Annual Shamrock Golf Classic is held each year in March. The proceeds from the tournament are used to fund both the LEADER Driver's Ed program and the Brittany Schmeelk Foundation. The foundation has also given numerous athletic scholarships to deserving high school seniors and other regional scholarships through GACS (Georgia Association of Convenience Stores) since 1999.

Brittany Schmeelk was an outstanding student and star athlete at South Forsyth High School, excelling in academics, golf and basketball. She passed away tragically in an auto accident in 1999. Her family and the community continues to honor her memory through this foundation.

The Forsyth Lanier Rotary have held three Go-Kart Races at the Forsyth Fairgrounds with LEADER as the beneficiary. Local business persons and prominate Forsyth individuals were able to race go-karts against each other.  The LEADER Programs thanks them for their generousity and support!